Monthly Archives: September 2009

Linux upgrades

Updating 2 Linux servers from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny. Needed to clobber some old proxy settings in the apt.conf file. Then found some old settings in the sources.list file. Removed the non-US apt settings that are now defunct and changed all occurences of Etch to Lenny and saved.
#apt-get update
#apt-get dist-upgrade

…and other than a couple of prompts, magic happened.

Reboot and they are running.

What sites?

So what web sites do I work with?

Most of the websites I work with are hosted with WrenMaxwell and consist of ecommerce stores based in osCommerce (or CRELoaded).

I also have my hobby of toy cars – old ones from pre-1980 – which is found at RecoverToy. I am currently taking a break from that while I sort out some other things, like my server and site hosting, and getting a kitchen fitted (finally) to our house.

My business interests include Marble Bay (25 years of IT) which keeps me fully occupied.

This blog and a domain I set up for the Howden family to use at round out the list of sites.

Hello world!

A first post just to kick things off.

I’ve been blogging in one form or another for a decade. It just was not called blogging when I started off with Bigpond’s free webspace (now defunct).

This blog is being written at the Australian TechEd at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on my new HP Mini.

The new and domains are hosted away from my home as my home server (I’ve had one or more servers on my Bigpond cable modem setup since – well, forever – and about a month ago I had two drives collapse rendering the server useless. Time to re-assess and from a green, environmental perspective it seemed high-time to host my various sites on a central server.

So here I am with a new WordPress site and the task of deploying another 3 or 4 sites from my backups out to the big world outside my shed.