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Sony Vaio current model review is obsolete within 3 weeks!!

I went looking for a new notebook a month ago and while I did not rely on this review it helps to highlight the stupidity of the situation.

I trawled the Sony web site for hours comparing all the models and arrived at the Z series with the SSD drive and the quad core processor etc.

Sounds really good. So I ordered one. That was mid March 2010. Its not yet mid April and while initially I was told it would be ready now, I am now informed that the model is obsolete. No that is not a mis-print. OB-SO-F***g-LETE.  For crying out loud according to the Sydney Morning Herald review on the 22nd March 2010 this model was the ‘latest of all Sony’s technology’.

How on earth can a model go from ‘Latest’ to ‘Obsolete’ in 21 days or less?

So I have a choice, wait until the new delivery date of the middle of May 2010 for a computer that is already obsolete, or cancel the order and wait for an as yet unannounced revised specification model that will possibly last a month or two longer.

As the advert goes, “Not happy, Jan!”