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Bigpond Telstra Foxtel Cable Modem Outages

This is my blog of Bigpond Telstra Foxtel Cable Modem Outages.

It has become a constant and I need to document to support a claim.

Another 20 minute outage in Croydon Vic 3136 at 1345 to 1405 Thursday 1st Nov 2018.

Powered modem down and up, no change. Disconnected fully and reconnected, powered up again. Still no Internet green light at 1455. Started to configure my alternative notebook via iPhone to get connectivity and at 1405 Internet ‘magically’ appears.

That is not modem or cable fault. It is a technician changing stuff and power down / power up of kit at the exchange. I am certain of it and it has been happening ever since the NBN roll-out started in my area.

Time wasting.