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Backgammon on iPhone or iPad

I am intending to review all my iPhone/iPad apps and try to get myself more productive on both. But first I need to comment on the Backgammon game I have been playing.

Trivial Technologies Backgammon via the iTunes store for the iPad and iPhone.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something fishy in its dice rolls. While I cannot say that it is statistically impossible for the rolls to occur, it must be statistically improbable!

The most recent case was a clear gammon game for myself with the computer hanging around on the bar and with more points sitting around than was feasible for a win. I have one back marker sitting on the #1 point for the opposition and one more remaining from the umm, (not sure how to describe this) #12 point (where we start with 5).

The only point not covered in my home area is the #6. The computer rolls a double 6 and plays it around the board to hit my two remaining markers and put me on the bar. Not even 1 “cannot move” because it was all blocked. Sheesh!

The Achievements are a bit weird though. I am certain I have won some 64 point games in Easy, Medium and Hard but still have yet to get the achievements. I got all the rest except for 50 Easy games!  Funny that I have been able achieve Winning 50 Easy Games without playing them!

Still enjoy the game!

See this game reviewed at iTunes AppStore.