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Which WordPress Contact Form Plugin to use?

Reviewing the plethora of Contact Form plugins for WordPress is daunting.  I have looked at dozens of possible options.

This review is relatively brief and focuses on obvious contenders. The rest can be summarily dismissed:

Contact Form by reads very well, with all the common features. The catch is that it requires registration at yet another software as a service provider that wants your name and email address and offers ‘features’ that are totally unneccessary for the purpose of a contact form. Not for me.

Custom Contact Forms is another that sounds promising when reading the blurb and it installs smoothly, but then the top line is “Are you looking for a more customizable, reliable, and secure contact form solution for WordPress? Try Gravity Forms” which says to me that this plugin is not reliable or secure or customisable? Just a weird approach to marketing. Did not go further as Gravity Forms is one I am also looking at and if this one promotes Gravity then who am I to argue?

Fast Secure Contact Form is anything but fast with screen after screen of options, fields, and settings in one very long page. While I started to trawl down the list, I was overwhelmed within 30 seconds and decided that it would require far too much thinking and effort when all I want is a simple ‘Contact Us’ page.

BotDetect CAPTCHA is not a contact form tool but a method of adding Captcha processes to an entire WordPress site. The issue is that the plugin install does not include the native Captcha library, which must be downloaded separately and only after registering your email address with the service provider, etc. I had hoped to build a contact form and add this, but it just gave me headaches trying to get it configured.

Contact Form With Captcha is a nice contact form but the Recaptcha process is difficult for some users as the distortion of the words can be too much. In fact I have deployed this one on a number of sites and this review is simply to find an alternative that provides flexibility in the Captcha options.

Contact Form 7 is the one I eventually went with as it provided an easier Captcha option.


Finding large files or folders on a drive

My Toshiba Ultrabook has a 128G SSD drive and it is kinda small. I’ve just gone through the process of some clean up to remove unused apps and archive data files.

In the process I tried a number of free “Large File Finder” type applications and there are two that I really like.

The first is WinDirStat which provides a neat graphical view as well as a file list.

The other is from Extensoft called Free Disk Analyzer.

I’ve prepared two simple screenshots showing each one after I used them on my drive when it was over-crowded. Since then I’ve done a clean up.

I think the visual aid of WinDirStat is helpful, but I am a simple lists type user (changing the default Windows view to Details list is normal, and using Linux ls -la, is my default setting) and I think Free Disk Analyzer is my first go-to tool.