iPad Safari and the annoying refresh issue

Ok, so I’ve had my iPad for almost a year and I cannot say it has always been the case but I recently found Safari was refreshing all the saved / open web pages. If I swapped from a web page to make a note in a blog or similar, then swapping back triggered a new refresh of the original page.

Annoying behaviour and according to various forums that I quickly read this is at your option: a memory issue; a Safari issue; an IOS version issue; a bug that may or may not be fixed.

Fix: Atomic Web Browser aside from the fact that it is a tabbed browser more akin to Chrome and less like the clumsy Safari interface, it appears to not do refreshes.

I want to play with it some more this week but with a free ‘Lite’ trial version and only AU$1.19 for a full version I am guessing that I won’t be looking any further.

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