Adding batch files to the Windows Task bar

I use a batch file regularly for connecting to my network and mapping standard drives for my various file shares.

In Windows 7 and 8 there is no simple drag’n’drop of a shortcut that was ok in Windows XP.

While there are numerous options discussed around the web the one that works for me is the simple rename of the batch file extension so that Windows 7 & 8 think it is an executable file.

1. Write your batch file and save it

2. Change the file extension from .bat to .exe or .cmd

3. Right click the file and select the option to Pin to Taskbar (which is not available for batch files)

4. Rename the file extension back to .bat

5. Shift + Right Click your new task bar icon and select Properties

6. Modify the file extension to .bat so that it finds it

7. Optionally, Change Icon and select something appropriate.

It is all ready to go, with the exception that the icon change will not display until the next restart (or possibly just logout / login but I tested with a restart)

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