SugarCRM upgrading 5.2 to 5.5 and beyond

I’ve started a process of upgrading our live SugarCRM system from 5.2.0c to later versions. The upgrade paths leave a blind trail at 5.5.4 as there is currently no direct upgrade to 6.1 from 5.5.4. So I am using 5.2.0 to 5.5.1 and then 5.5.1 to 6.1beta5.

The main reason for the upgrade is that we want to use the projects tracking and in 5.2.0 there is no ability to connect the projects panels with prospects/targets, only with accounts/contacts.

I use the prospects/targets for anyone that may be associated with a project but is not a key player, i.e. I dont need to see as much detail for a business or person that plays a minor role.

5.5.x fixes that limitation, and I expect 6.1 will also, but the question is how much time do I spend on 5.5 given that 6.1 is looking pretty stable.

I think I’ll be shooting for 6.1 as the next upgrade to production unless we find a show stopper in testing.

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