oscMax changes for CSS support

A change log for oscMax 2.5 templates.


around line 105

// added option to check in the stylesheets directory as well as the template root.
case ‘stylesheet’:
// $path = DIR_WS_TEMPLATE_FILES . $filename;
if (is_file(DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . $filename)) {
$path = DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . $filename;
} elseif (is_file(DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . ‘stylesheets/’ . $filename)) {
$path = DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . ‘stylesheets/’. $filename;
} else {
$path = DIR_WS_TEMPLATES_FALLBACK . $filename;

Doing this means that we can move all stylesheets into the
/templates/your_template_name/stylesheets directory including the default stylesheet.css file

Which helps, well, me I guess.

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