Synology installation of ipkg DSM yum or apt-get equivalent

The reference for the first part is at but is in German.

First up we need a package installer, ipkg

Check the Synology device for which cpu it has,

#cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep cpu

Then select the appropriate script

CPU Bootstrap Script
ARM (armv5tejl)
PowerPC (ppc_6xx)
PowerPC (ppc_85xx, e500v?)
Marvell Kirkwood 88F6281, 88F6282, 88FR131 (ARMv5TE Feroceon)
Intel Atom

and get it with

#wget http://your_selected_cpu_bootstrap_script_here

then run it with

#sh your_selected_cpu_bootstrap_script_here

This install ipkg, but it is not in the path for the Synology system. To add it to the path:

1. check the path

#cat /etc/profile

and this should be there

PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/syno/sbin:/usr/syno/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin export PATH

extend the path to include our /opt directories with two command lines

# PATH=/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:$PATH
# export PATH

Then we can test that ipkg is installed and will run from anywhere with

# ipkg -v

Should respond with something like

# ipkg version 0.99.163

If you now try to install a package, you will get an error

#ipkg install mc
Nothing to be done
An error ocurred, return value: 4.

Which is ok, this is expected because the new install does not yet know where to look for ‘mc’

Note: ‘mc’ is just a favourite package of mine, (midnight commander, with the excellent mcedit editor) but you could try any packge you want like ‘nano’, etc.

The final step for installing ipkg is to update the repositories

# ipkg update

Then try again and as ipkg now has a repository to call on, it should find the install package and install it.

Much Later: Corrected a couple of text errors, thanks to all who pointed them out!

3 replies on “Synology installation of ipkg DSM yum or apt-get equivalent”

  1. WangYouGX says:

    ipkgv -v no,no,no, is ipkg -v
    think you~

  2. John Flanigan says:

    Hi Tony.

    Thank you for publishing this.

    I ran into 2 typo issues:

    1. The line
    sh http://your_selected_cpu_bootstrap_script_here
    should be something like
    sh your_selected_cpu_bootstrap_script_filename

    2. The line
    ipkgv -v
    should be
    ipkg -v

    Other than that, all is good.

  3. steely400 says:

    Then we can test that ipkg is installed and will run from anywhere with

    # ipkgv -v

    this should be corrected to:
    ipkg -v

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