Finding large files or folders on a drive

My Toshiba Ultrabook has a 128G SSD drive and it is kinda small. I’ve just gone through the process of some clean up to remove unused apps and archive data files.

In the process I tried a number of free “Large File Finder” type applications and there are two that I really like.

The first is WinDirStat which provides a neat graphical view as well as a file list.

The other is from Extensoft called Free Disk Analyzer.

I’ve prepared two simple screenshots showing each one after I used them on my drive when it was over-crowded. Since then I’ve done a clean up.

I think the visual aid of WinDirStat is helpful, but I am a simple lists type user (changing the default Windows view to Details list is normal, and using Linux ls -la, is my default setting) and I think Free Disk Analyzer is my first go-to tool.


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