Documentation on how to use Templates in osCmax

The previous post on BTS in osCmax consisted of running notes as I worked. Having done all of that I realised that I was mis-directed in what I was doing.

Applying all the changes to the main_page.html and it’s siblings I found that this applied it to every page in the site. Hmm, not the desired result. So I’ve delved further and read further and while I am still not clear there are several posts that help, if you put them all together.

In the osCmax Wiki the current 2.5 BTS documentation provides general information.

The first reference in the osCmax forums is this lengthy tutorial on modifying a osCommerce style template to suit. It probably still applies or adds knowledge but it is getting a bit dated.

I’ll add other links here as I find them.

Searching for free or even retail osCmax templates appears to generate few results with almost none available, or at least I ain’t found them. Sites proclaiming to have them return blank results when searching or checking the osCmax category. So I need to be able to roll-my-own.

My first blog entry on Modifying Templates in osCmax was a helpful learning exercise for me albeit misguided and I’ve used that as the kick-off for the next steps which is to ensure that I can control all pages in the site with minimal coding edits (i.e. I don’t want to modify the core product if I can avoid it.) and using the database entries and template process as much as possible.








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