osCmax Template fallback

In osCmax 2.5 templates how do all the files relate to each other?

From the various sources that I have found (see my osCmax templates documentation listing) the following relationships exist.

The templates directory contains a master template called fallback. As the name implies this is the template that the system will ‘fall back to’ if there is no specific template instruction. It is not just the default template. As you will find, if you make your own custom template, and in that template for a particular page you do not specify a design then the system will check your custom template, find nothing, and will fall back to using any design controls for that page from the fallback template.

So if your template is called yoursite and it wants to use a content template called your_page it will look first for:
and if it is not found it will look next in the fallback template for the same file
The assumption is that your_page is a standard page in osCmax and that for each page a content template exists. In your own template area, you only need to have a content template for the pages that you want to modify to be different from the default fallback template. The osCmax Wiki has some similar & related information on this topic.
So what is fallback vs fallback_html in the templates directory? Searched for hours and cannot see how fallback-html is used. The fallback template directory is fallback, not fallback-html. There is no reference to the fallback-html file in any file in osCmax and there is no reference to indicate that there is code to append -html to an existing fallback value.

So why does fallback-html exist and how is it meant to be used?  No idea at this time. Perhaps it is just an html tagged version of the fallback template. But that implies that for it to be effective, you have to link to it?

I raised it in the osCmax forums and it is, as I suggested above, a tagged version of the fallback template. A more appropriate title appears to be ‘sample-html-tagging’ and apparently 2.5RC1 includes files in the content directory that should be removed. You only want control files in the content directory for the pages that you want to modify from the default (fallback) settings.


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