Nextgen Gallery WordPress nggtags template caption option

I have a slightly older version of NGG because I have modded it and have yet to transfer those mods to the latest version. But I just made another minor change that I wanted to document before I forget what I did.

Using the

no images were found

  works well for showing the images from the gallery that are tagged as an automated gallery creation.

But I wanted to get the captions displayed as well like the syntax for the standard gallery by id display

no images were found

.  So I needed to add the ” template=caption” as an option for the nggtags shortcode.

Edit /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/nggfunctions.php

Around line 867 should start the function into which I inserted the $template value (with relevant comma’s etc.) at 3 places as highlighted with the new text.

[php highlight=”1,13,23″]
function nggShowGalleryTags($taglist, $template = ”) {

// $_GET from wp_query
$pid    = get_query_var(‘pid’);
$pageid = get_query_var(‘pageid’);

// get now the related images
$picturelist = nggTags::find_images_for_tags($taglist , ‘ASC’);

// look for ImageBrowser if we have a $_GET(‘pid’)
if ( $pageid == get_the_ID() || !is_home() )
if (!empty( $pid ))  {
$out = nggCreateImageBrowser( $picturelist, $template);
return $out;

// go on if not empty
if ( empty($picturelist) )

// show gallery
if ( is_array($picturelist) )
$out = nggCreateGallery($picturelist, false, $template);

$out = apply_filters(‘ngg_show_gallery_tags_content’, $out, $taglist);
return $out;


That sorts out the function that is called from the  /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/shortcodes.php

Around line 114 there is a string evaluation test process that we change to look for a second option referenced as template= etc..  shown in the highlighted line.

[php highlight=”6″]

if ( stristr( $content, ‘[tags’ )) {
$search = "@(?:<p>)*s*[tagss*=s*(.*?)s*]s*(?:</p>)*@i";
if (preg_match_all($search, $content, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER)) {

foreach ($matches as $match) {
$replace = "

no images were found

}" template="{$match[2]}"]";
$content = str_replace ($match[0], $replace, $content);


Finally around line 273 there is the call to the nggShowGalleryTags in the show_tags function. Insert a new line for $template as a parameter and to the output option.

[php highlight=”5,12″]

function show_tags( $atts ) {

‘gallery’       => ”,
‘template’  => ”,
‘album’         => ”
), $atts ));

if ( !empty($album) )
$out = nggShowAlbumTags($album);
$out = nggShowGalleryTags($gallery, $template);

return $out;


Now the nggtags option that will create a custom gallery from Tagged images can optionally include the image caption as well.



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