osCmax Templates

The osCmax 2.5RC1 includes some folders in the templates directory. The folders provide the following:

(BTS = Basic Template System)

compromise: this is a template with the updated BTS & html tagging
CSS-fluid-1: another sample template
fallback: this is the default or fallback template. Do not edit any of these files.
fallback-html: this is a sample template with BTS & html tagging
help: used for the Help files
help-text: used for the Help files
new: a sample template using the standard BTS and only providing one main_page file – shows that the fallback process works.
pgm: another sample template using the original BTS

When using the template switching option, once it is set all pages default to that new template. It overrides the settings in the admin console until the session ends or another template switch command is issued.

Copy any of the sample templates to modify as a new template just by copying the entire directory to a new directory and rename to something appropriate. Preferably use the fallback-html or the compromise templates as the base as both of these feature the new HTML tagging feature.

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